I Don’t Want Any Black Friends

July 2, 2017

I said something like this several years ago on this blog, lamenting the situation, but now I’m doubling down. I no longer lament, I blame black people.

I reject black people now as friends. I’m ok with them them as work colleagues. I have no problem with them in commercial transactions. If my broker is black, it’s thing 20 on my list of things by which I choose a broker, and I don’t even have 20 things.

But when it comes to being my personal friend, black people are Too Much Work.

You may say this is racist. I don’t care if it is. And I sure as hell don’t care if you call me racist. I’m white. Nothing I do isn’t racist according to Democrats and Democrat black people. So you’re going to have a hard time making me give a damn what you think of me, since no matter what I do, I’m still a racist according to idiots like you.

90% or more of black people still vote Democrat. That’s even stupider than when 90% of black people thought OJ was innocent. Just because most black people think something doesn’t mean it’s racist to think that what most black people think about something is stupid. Black people believe in a lot of stupid things that nobody else believes in. That’s politically incorrect to say. But it’s true. Black people in America are inordinately susceptible to stupid ideas, like voting Democrat, as the most salient example.

(Don’t make me do a post about stupid shit that black people believe that nobody else does, because it will be a long post, and everyone, especially black people, knows I’m right anyway.)

The Democrat Party has been completely captured by cultural Marxist identity politics. Any black person who still votes Democrat is at least hypnotized, if not committed to, racist identity politics. This means resentment of everyone who isn’t black. This alone is why white people should be suspicious of black people. Every Democrat black voter is invested in resenting white people.

The overwhelming majority of black people in America assert absurd moral claims on me just because I’m white.  These claims include the right to beat me down if I stray into their neighborhoods except to buy illegal drugs from them, to take my money to raise the children they refuse to, to get me to pay “reparations” for things they never suffered that they can’t prove my ancestors did, and to force me to put up with absurd bullshit in the workplace that I would never put up with from a white man.

I’m not racist; black people are Too Much Work.

The only time I want to have contact with black people anymore is when they are indicating their individual willingness to behave decently in advance. The black girl at the checkout counter is A-OK with me. My black stockbroker. My black colleague at work. A black person being interviewed on Charlie Rose. Denzel Washington.

Most black people have self-identified (to use a currently fashionable term) as being a giant pain in the ass. It’s unusual now to find a black person being cordial to a white person except in commercial transactions.

Even if I have one of the decent black people as a friend individually, sooner or later, I’m going to have to deal with the vile black people who are in his family and circle. There’s going to be a scene with the Democrat racist voter, the one who won’t stop saying nigger in my house, the arrogant illiterate who thinks she can mouth off and police my opinions, and, most especially, the dangerous ones. I don’t want to have to carry a gun to my own barbecue.

There are a lot less than 6 degrees of separation between decent black people and vile black people.  Oh, so sorry, if that offends. Everyone knows it’s true. Decent black people need to separate themselves. Till they do . . .

As Carl Weathers says, “NOT INTERESTED.”





White Men Rock

July 2, 2017

I had an epiphany today. If you don’t like white men, there is something deeply wrong with you. White men work harder, think better, create most things and are the most tolerant people in the world. Think about it, white men haters, if white men had all the power and evil you ascribe to white men, we’d have already wiped you out.

I want a thank you card for being a white man who has never tripped up a black person, who has done actual things that actually advanced black people and women in their careers, regardless of government annoying me so I was tempted not to do it, who can’t even understand racism, but has had to put up with your stupid Democrat racist screeds against me my whole life.

Here’s your dialogue about race. Any of you people who hate white men got anything to say? Thank you would be appropriate.

Oppressed Black Man Finally Strikes Back

July 2, 2017

The title of this post refers, of course, to the recent demise of Dr. Henry Bello. Here is a view of the facts that is as likely to lack context as a snippet of video capturing midstream a violent encounter between police and civilians:

  • Henry Bello was a black man and a doctor-in-training who worked at Bronx Lebanon Hospital until he resigned two years ago.
  • Accounts from other hospital employees say that he resigned under pressure of having a sexual harassment case pressed against him. Other employees also claim that he was emotionally volatile. At least one person said that when he left the hospital two years ago, he threatened to come back and kill those he blamed for ruining his career.
  • A few hours before Bello walked back into his former workplace, dressed in medical togs, concealing an AR-15 style rifle under his coat, he sent a message to a New York newspaper via email: “This hospital terminated my road to a licensure to practice medicine,” the email said. “First, I was told it was because I always kept to myself. Then it was because of an altercation with a nurse.”
  • Bello then killed a female doctor (it appears he was not acquainted with her) and wounded five others before killing himself.

May I present an alternate narrative?

Henry Bello was a proud black man who fought institutional racism all his life, working inside the system that hated him, determined never to give up till he achieved his life-long goal of becoming a doctor.

Racism and bigotry dogged him every step of the way. When he was almost in reach of his life’s dream, privileged white people at his work intensified their efforts to keep him down. First, they accused him of being a loner, even as they excluded him from the privileged cliques. Then, they accused him of being emotionally unstable, citing every awkward or tense encounter caused by their own bigotry. Finally, when he still wouldn’t quit, they concocted story straight out of the days of lynching to get rid of him: accusing a black man of sexually assaulting a white woman. His choice was either to leave town or face an administrative and legal lynching.

Was Henry Bello a volatile and abusive person? Opinions will vary, and unless put on the record before he was forced out, are likely to be exculpatory of the truly guilty. Who wouldn’t be angry, at least occasionally, at the institutionalized racism and stigma that the hospital, like all of society, cannot help but indulge in.

Did Henry Bello threaten to come back and kill those who had ostracized and harassed him and stolen his dreams? Unless a contemporaneous record can be found from two years ago that supports this, we must assume it is just another lie from another racist institution denying its own culpability in its own tragedy.

Is it not possible–likely even–that had Henry Bello been treated with the sensitivity and respect his ancestry of injustice has earned him, the female doctor he killed would still be alive? And, equally importantly, Henry Bello would be alive?
Henry Bello didn’t wait two years before coming back to the hospital that spurned him. He tried for two years to rebuild his life, without avail, sinking deeper and deeper into despair, until he saw no option but to personally secure justice in a world where there is no justice for people like Henry Bello. At the end, clear in his vision, he refused to live anymore in that world.

You may think this narrative is BS, but, especially if you are a Democrat, it must make you squirm because it is a completely plausible example of the kinds of excuses you Democrats make for evil.  No, you’re not excusing Bello (yet), because he did not accumulate enough inter-sectional identity points to qualify for your treacly sympathy, and he got points knocked off for “sexual harassment.”

But you know and I know, had Bello been female, or even trans, the narrative I just constructed above using your vile Democrat identity politics cliches would have been published nearly anti-thought for anti-thought (though less eloquently) in major Democrat newspapers, magazines and web sites.

(I literally typed that crap in less than 5 minutes, read it once, and didn’t revise anything except replacing a few pronouns and adverbs.)

This is one more thing we Conservatives know that you Democrats don’t: There is NO EXCUSE for some behaviors.

You don’t get to kill your former bosses and co-workers and quit on life and kill yourself just because you got a raw deal.

You don’t get to shoot people who cut you off in traffic, no matter how much every normal person who has ever been cut off in traffic has felt like pulling a gun.

You don’t get to shoot Congressmen of the other party just because you disagree with them.

You don’t get to riot or resent-hate white people, many of whom never owned slaves and many of whom died to end slavery, just because one of your ancestors, you don’t exactly know who, was done wrong by some white guy, you don’t exactly know who. I’m looking at you, black people. Stop it. It makes you look stupid.

You don’t get to murder gay people and excise the clitoride of little girls and sew up their labia and bury rape victims up to their waists in the sand and throw rocks at them till they die. I’m looking at you, multiple Muslim states.

You don’t get to feel birthright-aggrieved because of your membership in a demographically-useful Democrat identity-group, or, if you do that, it really will ruin your life. Paraphrasing the immortal words of Henry Blake, “Goddammit, Me-Victim, then resign your goddamned life commission!” Violent revenge fantasies are the daydream porn of all SJW Democrats, whether they are pro’s or not from having a “Studies” degree.

There are NO EXCUSES for Henry Bello’s actions or people who shoot other people in a road rage or BLM activists or mainstream Muslims in most Muslim-dominated countries or professional victim’s-privilege groups in the USA. All of you are cut from the same self-excusing hateful cloth. The only difference in your violence is your calculation about what you can currently get away with or HOW CRAZY THINKING THIS WAY FOR A LONG TIME HAS MADE YOU.





Ann Coulter is right

June 30, 2017

The most important issue of the 2016 election, and why Trump won, is illegal immigration.

This is going to sound racist. Sorry, that’s wrong. I hope this sounds racist. Because I want to provoke all people who scream “racist!”  This will be short and un-nuanced, thus subject to “racist!”

I haven’t actually read her book, but I probably should.

Here’s the timeline:

  • Democrats in the 1960’s realize they’re in a demographic death spiral. America is getting more prosperous and bourgeois, as blacks adopt white Western values and achieve white Western success.
  • Democrats at last back Civil Rights legislation, after ferociously opposing it since they started the Civil War, putting in poison pills intended to reverse natural black cultural progress and integration.
  • Democrats put black people back on anti-plantations, where the rules reward not working but voting Democrat, along with strongly dis-incenting black men and women from forming families. Leftist Democrats of the Great Society era deliberately and cynically and with full consciousness of what they were doing set out to destroy black progress, and they mostly succeeded, mostly because people like me couldn’t believe they were that evil.
  • Democrats hedge their bets with Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration bill, intended to flood America with new Democrat voters. Meaning, people who are poor, stupid and easily-herded.
  • 80% of immigrants vote Democrat. America is exceptional. These people come from the unexceptional part of the world. Which part of the world sucks because it’s in line with Leftist Democrat ideology. Democrats tilt the quotas in favor of the worst parts of the unexceptional world coming here because the will vote 4/5 Democrat.

America is now at a tipping point. Democrats, unable to reliably oppress and recruit normal working Americans, have gone from legally importing new Democrat voters, to stampeding illegal immigrants across the borders that they think they will eventually be able to add to their voting rolls, one way or another.

They’re doing the same thing now with Muslim “refugees,” trying to take over specific states.

If we don’t now stop the Democrats from their 50 year project of importing a new electorate because they hate you and me, Civil War is inevitable. Democrats think they can run the table on us. No, at a certain point, we will stop them. We are exceptional. It’s obvious they learned nothing from the last Civil War.

I’m not going to put up with Muslims harassing my wife on the street for looking hot, and neither are you. I’m not going to put up with Mexican illegals dumping their garbage every night on my lawn and harassing my kids on the way to school and neither are you. Unless you live in California.  Why there haven’t been lynch mobs yet in central California farm country is beyond me. Illegals there really deserve to have the living shit kicked out of them. Maybe take a page out of the Democrat playbook and instead of the KKK have the MMM.

When is the last time Trump said something about building the wall? Coulter is holding his feet to the fire by attacking him. I’m sure he’s doing stuff behind the scenes, but he needs to see that we still mean it because I think his support for this was shallow and emotional.  He will let it go if we don’t keep letting him know this is still our #1 issue.

And it is. More important than North Korea, or Iran, or Russia. Allowing immigrants into this country who come for the goodies, not the values, is THE long-term existential threat to your children. Sure, Iran/NOKO/etc could kill a few million of your kids, but these are transient threats that the USA is capable of neutralizing. We survived Pearl Harbor and 9/11, and we’ll survive (probably thrive) if LA, Seattle, Chicago and New York get nuked.

We will not survive if we surrender to collectivist values, which 80% of the rest of the world believes in.  We are exceptional because we are individualist. That means, we don’t sacrifice the ideas, the goals and the values of the individual to enforce a collective will. We even tolerate parents who deny their kids medical treatment because of religious belief. Think about this: who don’t you tolerate, and are you sure you want the state to be able to persecute them?

Religious people in America may not welcome gay people, and vice versa, but there are religious neighborhoods and gay neighborhoods. In America, neither side seeks a Final Solution. Individualism means putting up with, it means a truce with individuals you don’t agree with and even think are abhorrent.  Only on the most egregious violations of human rights shared by everyone do we call on state power to settle the issue.

Four of five immigrants to America do not believe in individualism. So, eventually, we will fight them. They have already declared  war on us. God help them when we notice it.











Oops, I missed it again . . .

April 19, 2017

In my post about North Korea, I missed one obvious scenario:

Kim Fat Fuk launches but it fizzles.

Which is what actually happened.

The fact that it fizzled doesn’t matter. With all that American power in his front yard, that crazy little Fat Fuk felt froggy anyway.

Had the launch succeeded, Americans would have had to at least try to shoot it down.

Perhaps KFF (Kim Fat Fuk) sabotaged his own missile to avoid a confrontation. I highly doubt the USA had anything to do with the failure.

But let’s say this was a real failure. He tried, knowing that we were likely to shoot his missile down.

Think about this.

I’d be shocked right now if he didn’t have one of his mini-nukes sitting in a storage unit in one or more American cities. The idea that the Iranians or NORKs have to develop an ICBM to touch us is stupid. They may have to do it to touch Israel, but we are a much softer target.

I’m very worried that several small nukes might go off this year within minutes of each other in several American cities. Thank God for Trump. I’m pretty sure Pyongyang and Tehran will cease to exist an hour later.  But the feckless Bushes and Clintons and Obamas let this get way out of hand.

It’s probably a good thing I’m not in charge, because I’d level Pyongyang and Tehran tomorrow. I don’t care how many millions of innocent people get killed. They’re not Americans and their society and government shouldn’t have threatened us. We didn’t care about killing innocent Germans when they were Heiling Hitler. Including ones who weren’t Heiling but hadn’t emigrated in time.

I have ZFG about how many South Koreans in Seoul get killed when we get serious about dealing with the NORKs. They’ve made themselves voluntary hostages to North Korea, depending on the American umbrella, regardless of how we’ve told them we can’t protect them when they’re that close, and they’re mostly assholes anyway, bitching about American “imperialism.” Play stupid games, South Koreans, win stupid prizes. What the hell is wrong with you burgeoning your biggest city right next to your biggest enemy?

The only reason North Korea continues to exist is that nobody wants to have the South Korean casualties in the millions. Except me. I don’t want them, but I don’t care. We’d have dealt with the NORKs long ago had you South Korean assholes not decided to build your whole infrastructure within artillery range.

And all your blue roofs look stupid, you SORK Stockholm Syndrome DORKs.


April 18, 2017

The Antifa got its first taste this weekend of what happens when you think you have a monopoly on street violence.

They got wedgies. They got their belts removed and got hogtied with their belts. They got humiliated.

Of course, the Democrat news media didn’t cover this story, opting instead for violence broke out blah blah blah in general no details.

But what happened was a warning shot that shouldn’t be ignored. The Trump people, armed with bicycle helmets and probably other stuff, especially tactical expertise, formed themselves into an effective force and kicked the living shit out of the black bloc antifas, without killing any of them or even significantly bloodying them up.

Had the Trump forces thought to bring toilets, the Antifa would have been swirlied.

I think this is a really good sign.  I’d much rather ridicule the Antifa than kill them.



Cultural Marxism

April 18, 2017

What is cultural Marxism? There are lots more sophisticated definitions and exegeses on the web than what I’m about to say here, but none are more fundamental and correct. I’m at peace with calling what the Left/Democrats are doing Cultural Marxism. And my definition has already won, but I’m trying to say it even more clearly.

Cultural Marxism, like actual Marxism, hates what is because it is. It’s teenage brattiness with a PhD. Read Jerome Bixby’s “It’s a Good Life” to understand why Marxism killed so many hundreds of millions in the last century.

Cultural Marxism is against “whatever is” because “whatever is” must be dialectically defeated to bring about Utopia or the Workers’ Paradise or jobs that pay well that aren’t really jobs. It’s important to understand that postmodernism or cultural Marxism or identity politics is always a cheap rationalization for “I’m lazy as hell, pretty smart, and the thought of getting a real job after college makes me throw up in my mouth. Oh, and I hate myself.”

According to cultural Marxists, ordinary people are, at best, unenlightened brutes whose values and “consciousness” are false. All of the things that ordinary people stake their lives on are bullshit. Family and consistent hard work at real things that make a real difference are chimerical as a basis for real life.

Cultural Marxists are every one formally educated elites, who out themselves as unfit to exercise the discipline required to sustain real family and real work. They interpret this failing as a badge of superiority, transcending the mundane, and think they have a mandate to remake society into a place where people like them are rewarded for being smarter than thou instead of doing real work and keeping real families together. Cultural Marxists write essays and screenplays that nobody cares about but them, depend on government sinecures and organize the disgruntled for a living. Like Obama. And his big ol’ wife, Sweetyface.

That’s cultural Marxism in a nutshell.

We conservatives put up too much with cultural Marxism in movies and entertainment. We suspend disbelief about the cultural Marxist frame as long as a skillful story is told. Westworld is a perfect example. Skillful as hell, wrong on every level about how real people are and how the real world works.

I’m not going to do any spoilers. Everything I’m about to say is obvious from the first episode.

Westworld assumes that the ordinary person is depraved and would love to kill and rape if a vacation package offered it and they could get away with it. Really? I can’t imagine being able to afford Westworld. Oh, sure, I might go if I believed the travel brochures about it being a wholesome family vacation, but the show makes it clear that 99% of their customers are ordinary people who will pay anything to be serial killers for a week with no consequences.

Westworld assumes that evil is vested only in private corporations. And their customers. Who arent’ “woke.” It’s ok to be a customer if you’re “woke.”

I could keep going on, but I want to focus on “assumes.”

The cultural Marxism in Westworld is “assumed.” It’s not the plot, it’s the world in which the plot occurs. Of course, everyone running Westworld is horrible. Of course, everyone vacationing in Westworld is depraved. That’s “assumed.” It never occurs to the cultural Marxists writing Westworld that we’re not who they think we are. Westworld is entirely about the corrupt indulging themselves and trying to corrupt the virtuous.

Westworld would like to believe it’s about exploring a crackpot Julian Jaynes theory about how consciousness emerges, but it’s really about hating people like you and me.

The theme of Westworld is that you, the average person, are at heart, if unleashed, a depraved, violent person who would indulge your worst fantasies if only you could.

This Westworld would make Michael Crichton turn over in his grave. It’s skillful and it’s evil cultural Marxism.

What is, is bad. You are what is. You are therefore bad. Got it? Cultural Marxists hate you because you make life work under the current system, and they refuse to or can’t

I thoroughly enjoyed Westworld.