November 29, 2010

There’s a big difference between hatred and “hate speech.”

The left in America is marinated in hatred. Go back to how they treated Reagan. The protests, the violence, the rage.

Bush took less shit than Reagan did from these foul little Ivy League totalitarians and their thuggee proletariat orcs. And what they did to him was howling limbic rage.

These people now wave the grey poupon and whine about implicit racism in a few Tea Party protest signs while ignoring–no, cheering–anti-Semitism and Marxism and terrorism from leftist protesters.

“Hate speech” is now anything these reptile haters hiss at.


Lions and Tigers and Wikileaks, Oh My!

November 29, 2010

What specifically happened over the last Wikileaks? Who got killed or compromised?

I’m pretty sure that President Toonces and his bumbling buffoons would have trumpeted negative effects to the high heavens they pretend to believe in, were there any.

Until proven otherwise, I’m going to assume that the Wikileaks embarrass those in power. Let’s have more of them.

Yeah, I know my glass is full but I still feel half empty

November 29, 2010

Anthony Lane, film reviewer for The New Yorker, writes this about the new wave of 3-D movies:

3-D will ravish our senses and take us on rides that no drug can match, but my guess is that, like so many blessings, it won’t make us happy. It will make us want more.

Ok, so what? Another self-important self-conscious mopey New York asshole who thinks he shits gold nuggets raining down rhetorical pyrite,  working it wringing deep sigh-laden meaning out of the mundane and trivial.

The formula is simple:  Bitch about a cool new bit of technology or other progress by waxing eloquent about any one or more of:

  • Pining nostalgically for the previous status quo, having instantly transmuted a previous annoyance into a lost spiritual ritual.
  • C0mplaining about side effects, lost jobs, obsolete business models and all the dmage done
  • Moping that the improvement will only temporarily break the surface tension of everyone’s ordinary, inevitable ennui. What is that only me?
  • Bemoaning the impact on global warming, social cohesion, childhood obesity, traffic congestion, traffic accidents, distracted driving, ADHD, toxins, landfills, autism, and, the last refuge of an effete, pampered, attention-whoring big city liberal scoundrel–becoming an option glut slut.

This kind of whining is really easy to imitate, once you see the trick. Watch:

  • Microwave ovens have ruined the American dinner table, robbed kitchens of their rightful aromas…
  • Double-paned windows lock Americans away from neighborhood sounds, make them more alienated from seasonal changes by saving them enough money that they can afford to turn the thermostat up to 70 in the winter…
  • eBooks take away the wonderful smell of mildew, the pleasure of having your whole house overrun with bookshelves, the joy of marking up books with post-it notes, underlines, dog-ears, and then still having to look for 20 minutes to find the thing you needed….I fear nobody will be able to add numbers in a world where paper books disappear like slide rules…

This attitude is more than annoying, it’s dangerous. From the Franken-phobia of the “precautionary principle” to the world’s-smallest-violin framing of the health care debate  to the asinine control-freak measures proposed to deal with global warming, the dreary liberal way of seeing the world completely rejects “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” because if you’re a liberal everything’s fucking broken.

That’s really the essence of the Democrat party and mainstream liberalism today: no matter how cool it looks, whether it’s America or a new IMAX 3-D movie, it actually sucks and it’s suckiness is in direct proportion to how much it doesn’t seem to suck. Everything chafes them. All underwear binds. Each new thing threatens some old thing that now that we think about it doesn’t suck anymore because the new thing is what really sucks. Liberals aren’t conservative: they’re Luddites.

The left/liberal establishment has adopted a reflexive piss-in-your-own-punchbowl attitude toward everything except The Other. Everything new in their culture is fraught with Frankenstinianism (I just made up that word–pretty good word, huh?) Everything in other cultures is Whole-Foods-cool.

The only thing old that they don’t like is Western values.

They’re allergic not only to their own blood, sweat and tears, but to the Western idea of blood, sweat and tears. The result is a perpetual sneer and rejection of actual progress in favor of defining progress as government programs that promote MY ideals with YOUR money.

This goes beyond grievance politics or identity politics to having a Grievance Identity. America is a miserable, racist place with a (half) black President where children grow hungrier and fatter, and the greedy super-rich cause accidents by trying to drive their hummers while texting and beating their servants in the back seat. Thank god for Me days or I don’t know how I’d survive in Thunderdome Amerika.

Listen to liberals snarl the word corporation. Or business interests. Or America. No need to modify these terms with adjectives like  greedy, heartless orcorrupt anymore–the meme has firmly taken hold, and liberals spit the word corporation like Nazis used to say Juden.

Look at the Obamas, poster children for resenting where they eat.

Both Michelle and her consort have played their race cards skillfully, graduating from top schools, taking faux jobs like “community organizer” or finding soft featherbeds like “community affairs officer” for $300K a year. They are among the most privileged in the country they scold for rewarding the over-privileged. They show no indication of noticing or appreciating or wondering why they have been given so much for giving so little.

Affluent liberals drive SUVs and have big screen TVs, plant their big fat carbon feet-prints in far-flung places on regular vacations, move into bigger and bigger houses, all the time griping about how it doesn’t really fulfill them. The only actual lifestyle choices I see liberals making that are different from their conservative SES peers are buying expensive organic edible status symbols at Whole Foods instead of normal food at Costco and religiously sorting their trash like they’re worshipping at a curbside shrine.


Ban the Burkha

November 29, 2010

Yeah, I know, I keep belaboring this point. I’m going to keep on till most people get it.

Parapundit makes a great point:

How to reconcile liberal support for multi-culturalism with liberal support for liberalism? A set of values that is not the same as the liberal set of values in some way is incompatible with liberalism. The liberal view of multi-culturalism seems to be rooted in a condescending view that liberalism is the modern global form of manifest destiny. Confronted with cultures which are anti-liberal at their core liberals ignore the deep-rootedness of inter-cultural differences and assert that when members of all other cultures are transferred into Western countries they will not pose a problem for liberalism. Rather, liberals save their powder for native Western conservatives as the real enemies. I think this is the height of folly.

Burkhas are like gang colors but worse. It’s like the guys in the gang tagged the girls because they’re too pussy to wear their colors themselves. Yeah, I’ve said that very thing before and it’s still true.

The President Toonces contingent thinks that we should deal with Muslim violence as a police problem. That’s why Toonces is summarily executing people who summarily piss him off. In this too, it’s the Chicago Way.

What Toonces needs is an anti-gang squad.

Toonces, the Community Organizer Who Can Drive a Car

November 29, 2010

I feel kind of bad now for calling President Obama President Big Ears. That really was kind of lame.

Obama has gotten stuck on stupid with his car metaphors: “driving into the ditch,” “give them back the car keys,” “D for drive, R for reverse”….

President Toonces. That’s just right.

If you don’t know who Toonces is, to Youtube with you!

All men should watch What Not To Wear

November 26, 2010

I’ve never watched WNTW before, but I have the day off and I couldn’t stand Fox, MSNBC and CNN any more.

Men typically don’t get it about how much and in what ways appearance really matters to women. This show shows it. All kinds of useful information here, predation-wise.

But more than that, I’m kinda gettin’ it and I kind of like and feel bad for (some) of these women. Yes, WNTW is gay and stupid and PC and all that. They say shit like “Sweetie, you are not heavy.” Uh, yeah, if a skinny bitch on TV calls you Sweetie, then Sweetie, you’re heavy.

If you don’t think women are different from men, well, you’re fucking stupid, but other than that this show will make you look at the woman on the couch next to you and think, not say, Wow, you really are that crazy! Now I get it! I can use this….

Terrorizing the TSA

November 26, 2010

I’ve been thinking about what punishment, if any, TSA front line workers deserve from us. Eric Schneie’s Classical Values blog has helped me come to a firm conclusion.

Front-line TSA workers deserve all the contempt, ridicule, harassment and non-cooperation that we can heap upon them. Let’s make their jobs miserable. Well, even more miserable.

Amazing as it may sound, the government is trying to get people to feel sorry for the TSA screeners.

“Our concern is that the public not confuse the people implementing the policies with the people who developed the policies,” said Sharon Pinnock, the union’s director of membership and organization.I love it.

“Don’t blame me! I was just following orders!”

 It would be nice if Ms. Pinnock could have at least provided a few names of those who deserve blame. As she says, “the people who developed the policies.”

But of course, the “the people who developed the policies” are anonymous apparatchiks too.

Because they have created an insular and near-anonymous system, no one is really accountable and there is no one to blame — as even members of Congress discovered when they tried ever so gently to ask TSA administrator John Pistole if he might consider backing off just a little.

The answer was NO!

 I’m not saying everyone should get kicked off flights or get themselves arrested. But the right thing to do is to make sure every TSA goon knows exactly how you feel. If they decide to give you extra crap for having a bad attitude, what of it? Be sure you have your cell phone recording every time you go through gate-rape. Give the system a little heartburn every time you encounter it.

It doesn’t matter that TSA agents didn’t make the policy. It doesn’t matter that many of them are perfectly nice people. It doesn’t matter that were you in their place, you probably wouldn’t quit your job either over the new policy.

People keep saying that they don’t want to be treated like cogs in a machine. Let’s treat TSA workers like adult moral agents. They have also earned the contempt that everyone up their chain of command deserves too.

But wait a minute. Isn’t this a little like Tim McVeigh holding accountable the day care workers and little kids in the Oklahoma City federal building? Uh, no, not really. There were probably very few people who died in that bombing who supported or contributed to Ruby Ridge or Waco. Had McVeigh gone after Lon Horiuchi (the federal sniper who murdered Vicki Weaver and whose trigger-happy behavior probably sparked the Waco disaster), I would certainly have not considered McVeigh a moral monster, even if I might have disagreed with him about vigilante justice.

And I’m not talking about killing TSA agents. I’m not even advocating here for civil disobedience. I’m only talking about shaming them.

All TSA agents are fully aware of the new policies and are participating directly in their enforcement. In deference to Godwin’s law, I will omit analogies to concentration camp guards and will skip pasting in Hannah Arendt quotes. Instead, I’ll just ask, What kind of a dumbass do you have to be to think that TSA front-line agents aren’t actively morally involved and accountable for this?

I’ll let Eric Schneie deliver the coup de grace:

In the old days, people didn’t go for that “just going my job” crap.” They held the guys who did things to people responsible for their actions and they resorted to things like tar and feathers.

What else could they do? Petition King George? A lot of good that would have done.

Might as well petition Congress, which lacks the authority to petition John Pistole, because after all, he is only doing his job, and he really isn’t ultimately in charge. (As to who really is in charge, they’re anonymous as well as interchangeable, and for their own safety you little people have no right to know who or where they are.)


POSTSCRIPT. Just to be very clear, I’m not advocating the assassination of Lon Horiuchi. But if I ever met him, I wouldn’t shake his hand and I’d tell him to his face he’s a miserable little murderer. Remember all the shit people gave OJ Simpson after he was acquitted? Horiuchi should be similarly ostracized. He probably would be were he as instantly recognizable as the Juice Monster.

Horiuchi’s behavior at Waco very probably was the proximate cause of all those deaths. He was accused of firing several shots without orders, but denied it and got away with it. Tim McVeigh was seriously pissed and blamed Horiuchi for Waco. Then Horiuchi gets assigned to Ruby Ridge, and he murders Vicki Weaver, shooting her dead while she’s holding a baby. Horiuchi claimed “oops, I missed–I meant to kill one of the men. Lucky shot, wasn’t that?” Sorry, that second bite gives me all I need to refuse Horiuchi the benefit of the doubt about the malice of the first one. The government finally settled a wrongful death suit for millions with the Weaver family, refusing any admission of wrongdoing. And, once again, Horiuchi kept his job.

Now, imagine you’re Tim McVeigh, convinced, and probably correctly so, that Ron Horiuchi’s bloody recklessness caused the deaths of 74 people. The government protected its own and let him get away with it scot free. Then, a little while later, Horiuchi kills a woman who is literally holding a baby. And, once again, the federal government turns a blind eye. Had McVeigh taken out Horiuchi, we’d have understood. We cheer this kind of revenge in the movies.

Take this thought experiment a step further: Assume that McVeigh understood the points quoted above–that the problem wasn’t just Horiuchi, but the faceless, unaccountable Borg bureaucracy that used him as a weapon and protected him when he misfired. The bureacracy doesn’t care about collateral damage, and are attacking his friends purely because of their “radical” beliefs. Why not tit for tat, an eye for an eye? I’ll see your 20 children and raise you 19…

Here’s where McVeigh turned into a terrorist. When you start seeing it as ok to target and kill people only because they are associated with an organization or group you don’t like, you’ve crossed a bright line. You are a terrorist at heart if you believe some people deserve to die just because they’re “part of the machine,” not because of having personally committed actual crimes worthy of capital punishment. (Yes, this applies to Muslims who support suicide bombings, even if they’d never strap one on themselves.)

McVeigh wanted to kill random federal law enforcement officers, preferably from multiple agencies, and either he didn’t care or he thought it was poetic justice, to blow up a daycare center to get the job done. At the end of the day, the genocidal mindset is just a subset of the general terrorist mindset, and there’s no logically limiting factor in who you can justify killing once you push off and start tobogganing down this very slippery slope. McVeigh went very quickly from wanting Ron Horiuchi brought to justice to condemning all federal law enforcement officers to it being ok to murder their children too. Why not keep going and indict all taxpayers who voluntarily pay salaries to the feds?

This is what demonization means, and how it works psychodynamically.

Now, ask yourself , was the government behavior at Waco and Ruby Ridge consistent with the terrorist mindset as I’ve described it above? Reckless disregard for collateral damage; a belief that any level of violence is justified to deal with the problem; Demonization of a hated group of people that you treat as an existential threat to your own culture and goals; reckless disregard for collateral damage, or perhaps even an ugly satisfaction in inflicting it.

Under Janet Reno, the US Justice Department really was a terrorist organization.