White Flight (D)

August 29, 2012

I think I’ve seen more race cards slapped down by leftist and liberal loudmouths in the last 48 hours than in the last 4 years.

Newt Gingrich just bitch-slapped Chris Matthews for saying that “lazy” and “welfare queen” is code for black. It’s Democrats who believe that and neurotically project that.

Rachel Maddow, abandoning any pretense of intellectual respectability, just pulled a similar stunt turned inside out. Something about how “hard-working” is a dog whistle for “white.”

The truth is that most Conservatives and economic libertarians believe that black people who are lazy are lazy and white people who are lazy mostly join the Liberal commentariat.

There have been a lot more jaw-dropping race card moments than that lately, but those two I just saw, so I remember them.

Forget what the media is saying about how close the election is. The Liberal/Left/Progressive establishment is gibbering in subliminal terror. They know that all they have is demogoguery. They’re seriously worried, Is it enough? They’re thinking, even if we all eat nothing but fiber from now to November, will Compost Mountain get high enough that nobody can see over it?

They don’t even believe their own bullshit. Their ideology doesn’t say they have to believe what they say. This gives them an advantage over Conservatives and economic libertarians who think that sincerity is part and parcel. Muslims call this disingenous attitude taqiyya. Liberal apparatchiks call this “staying on message.”

I went to dinner tonight with a good friend who thinks that demogoguery is more than enough to win in America. According to him, there is something deeply, morally, psychologically, probably irrevocably wrong with Liberals and, like kudzu, they are firmly in control. He thinks of Liberals like nearly all Liberals think about Conservatives and economic libertarians. He’s pretty much had it with their lying, shallow bullshit and thinks that they have moral and intellectual ebola and must be quarantined, and he may be right, but I’m not giving up. I know lots of Liberals that I love or like who have very important virtues and accomplishments.

He calls me Pollyanna, because I am usually more optimistic than he is about things in general. I call him Genghis Queef. Actually, I’ve never called him that. I just thought of it right now. Can’t wait to use it. The best part is the initials are GQ.

So, when you’re playing the last refuge¬†race card this hard this early, it stinks of desperation. Talk about the failed policies of the past.

UPDATE 2016: Obama won. I was wrong.


The logic of “you didn’t build that!”

August 25, 2012

If the minority of people who become successful entrepreneurs owe everything to infrastructure, then everyone owes as much as the entrepreneurs do. Don’t they? If infrastructure uber alles, then isn’t everyone who isn’t successful a waste of infrastructure?

If it’s the infrastructure that makes for success, and everyone has access to the same infrastructure, then doesn’t everyone owe society the same level of success?

Obama’s not wrong about the infrastructure contributing to success. He’s wrong about blaming people like Romney who pay for the infrastrucure. Not only do they take advantage of it, they keep it going.

Obama’s wrong about excoriating Romney to pander to the loser fuckwads who¬†somehow manage to have iPhones and HDTV and tennis shoes that cost $200 while being oppressed and jobless. I’ll bet Romney hasn’t upgraded his phone as recently as these douchebags, watches a lot less TV and wouldn’t be stupid enough to pay $200 for athletic shoes.

So what should we conclude about Obama from all of this?

I’m going with he’s Caligula’s horse.

Repeal the 19th Amendment

August 11, 2012

My wife and a female friend were drinking coffee on the back deck when I came out to tell them that Mitt Romney had chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Blank look. Silence for 2 beats. Then back to somebody’s gall bladder or gardening with no comment.

This just became, officially, the perfect election. America has crystal clear choices this November.

Ann and Van sitting in a tree…

August 7, 2012

Ok, so I’m watching the rest of George Snuffallupagus and they do the panel thing, and they have Ann Coulter sitting right next to Van Jones. I can’t be sure, but from the facial expressions, I think they’re playing footsie.

Their children are going to be gorgeous!

Release the tax returns!

August 4, 2012

Every liberal fuckwad who bitches about Romney not releasing his tax return MUST be asked this:

What did you gather from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s release of their tax returns?

What, they didn’t? Oh, grey poupon!

What possible reason could anyone have for not also wanting the Reid and Pelosi vampires to come into the sunlight along with the Republican Romney?

What possible reason could that horrible shrew fom hell Pelosi have for stammering out that she’d release her tax returns only when she runs for President while demanding that Romney release his?

She was third in line for several years to be president had Dick Cheney died or Joe Biden choked to death on his own bullshit.

There’s nothing else you have to say–What did you learn from Pelosi and Reid’s tax returns?