Halloween is tomorrow

October 30, 2010

My burkha arrived from ebay last Saturday. My hijab and niqab arrived yesterday. Today I got my Star of David.

I’m still trying to figure out how to place my Koran. Do I glue the pages end to end and replace the toilet paper rolls? Do I make a necklace of Koran pages with big red marker drawn on them saying DYNO-MITE? I like both of those ideas. I hope I’ll think of others.

Whatever happens, I promise that at least one Koran will be harmed in making this costume.

This halloween, I’m pissing on mainstream Islam, you cowardly, pathetic so-called Muslim moderates who’ve done nothing about helping the little girl in Seattle who has had to go into hiding to avoid the murderous motherfuckers you harbor and encourage. No, not all Muslims are terrorists, but all observant Muslims are subversives. They wish Sharia on the rest of us. Moderate Muslims, whatever the fuck that means, want your daughter to be subject to savage Muslim courts.

Yeah, I hate Islam. Unless you’re stupid, you do too. If you don’t, I hope you get some Yemeni printer toner.

UPDATE: I was gonna go with one of the Mohammed cartoons on the chest of my burkha, T-shirt applique-like. But the pictures of Mohammud from the cartoons with a stick of dynamite growing out of his stupid head were pretty low-res and all the othersw were too complicated.  So I got a more hagiographic high-res picture of the little prick, full color. I punctured little holes in it so I could hang a Star of David necklace on Muhhhuummis. In my 8 x 11 chestplate,  Muhmoron is shown holding a book called Humanism for Dummies and I photoshopped in DYN-O-MITE! at the bottom.

I will be wearing toilet paper rolls made of Koran pages all night unless my hosts agree to let me place them in the bathrooms where they belong. Thank Allah that  little dabs of superglue work on Koran paper. It would have taken me forever to perforate the sheets. My living room was festooned with Koran pages, superglued end to end, all morning.

Tomorrow, the remnants of my copy of the Koran will be on the shelf behind my toilet, and I will not be squeezing the Charmin again till my Koran is all flushed away. It’s a sacrifice that me and my asshole will make.


DADT 2010

October 30, 2010

The original Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was not a law passed by Congress. It was an executive branch directive, modifying the defense appropriation bill in Congress for 1994. This is kind of a complicated subject, but Clinton basically did the same thing that Bush got criticized for–“presidential findings” about bills passed by Congress that clearly modify Congressional intent.

The 1994 Congress clearly intended to ban gays from the military period, and Clinton overrode that with the DADT directive.

Now comes that lying sack of  big eared shit Obama saying that it’s up to Congress to repeal DADT, and more in sorrow than in anger, the executive branch can’t help you faggots. In fact, my branch’s  legal duty is to continue to fuck with you. And we will continue to do so until Congress makes us stop.

Seriously, gays, get a fucking clue. Do you want to be Democrat cannon fodder like women, Hispanics and blacks? Do you want to accept unfulfilled promises decade after decade like those other idiot interest groups do, as long as they pat you on the head and blame whatthefuckever for why they never seem to actually help you? (On the Republican side, the pro-lifers are just as easily co-opted.)

Obama could end DADT tomorrow. Just by telling his Justice Department to go limp like they did on Black Panther voter intimidation. He might even be able to override and replace Clinton’s directive.  I don’t really know all the legal in’s and out’s. Nobody does anymore in this soupy swamp of multi-thousand page bills and directives and findings and regulations that the ruling class uses to fuck with us. I’m just saying, Obama gets what Obama wants and he doesn’t want gays in the military. He doesn’t want gays anywhere.

Barack Obama doesn’t like gays. Deep down in his heart of hearts, he holds his nose when it comes to pretending to defend gay rights. In fact, he despises gays almost as much as he despises soldiers.

Gay soldiers? Double EEEEEWWWWW!

Big Ears vs The Daily Show

October 29, 2010

How have we gone in two years from hope and change to a fucking comedian being able to call a sitting president to account?

It happened because Big Ears didn’t expect the jester to talk back to the king.

Obama caught some serious friendly fire from Jon Stewart.


OBS – I’ve caught it

October 28, 2010

Obama Derangement Syndrome.

The kind of abolute repudiation of Bush that resulted in BDS.

We elected this blank slate punk Obama out of goodwill because America really isn’t racist. We’re the opposite. We cheer underdogs. We all got a cheap thrill up our legs from Obama. It wasn’t about white guilt, it was about goodwill.

Now, when I go to a Tea Party rally, I’m called racist because that’s all you got. Obama’s no better than Sharpton. Just slicker.

We passed your racist kind by, Mr. President, with Rosa Parks. How fucking dare you tell us to sit in the back of the bus?

We’re kicking your racist Chicago-style gang off the bus. No seats, front or back, for the likes of you.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Why Don’t You All Just Go to Hell?

October 27, 2010

Obama has betrayed gays. Not that they don’t deserve it. What a bunch of special interest pouting punks the gay rights movement has turned into.

Obama has never supported gay marriage. Gays who swooned for Obama are as stupid as chicks in the 1930’s who swooned for socialism and communism. At least 30’s chicks got laid a lot by alpha-socialists for believing.

The Left gives a shit not about women’s rights, gay rights, free speech or poor people. What they care about is taking things over. Leftists believe in only one thing: If I were running things….

They seduce stupid resentful people and promise them a white picket fence. Most politically active gays are stupid resentful people.

Anyhow, I’m about to defend gays, and I want to be sure that gays don’t think I’m softening (har! har!) on how I think that gay activism is little more than assholeyer-than-thou (har! har!) special interest special pleading.

Obama and his cronies are notorious for their contempt for the rule of law. If you need a YouTube moment to get this, just look at the tape of Obama’s diss of the Supreme Court at his State of the Union for voting in a way that didn’t help Democrats.  The Obama justice department doesn’t give a shit about Black Panther voter intimidation cases, but suddenly they get Rule of Law Jesus when it comes to duct taping the mouths of gay soldiers.

I don’t know why Obama doesn’t like gays except when he wants to use them for votes. I’m sure it’s not because he’s culturally black. No way could it be because blacks are almost as anti-gay as they are anti-eating-pussy. Those are stereotypes that have nothing to do with reality.

So I will propose some alternate things that I feel like proposing.

What exactly would happen if gays in the military were allowed to tell? How would they tell? Would they send their squad-mates invitations to a whine and cheese party with their life-partner? Would they confess under fire about to die that they’d been checking eveyone’s asses out ever since basic, and I just want you guys to know that you have the best asses I’ve ever served under, now let’s go kill us some gooks/hadjis? Would they suddenly break out in song, a la Glee?

There are a lot of gays in the military. There are a lot of guys in the military who didn’t know they were gay until they were in the military. I’m guessing, 2% of the military is gay. I mean 2% of the guys. 20% of the women. 

Look at all the statistics about percentage of gays in society, and percentage of gays who’d be attracted to an environment where they got to shower with in-shape guys a lot, and percentage of gays for whom even that isn’t enough incentive, and pulling a number out of my butt (har! har!)  let’s go with 2%. One in fifty guys in the military is checking out another guy’s ass in the shower and not asking not telling wink wink nudge nudge.

Since Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” we haven’t had a huge breakdown in military morale. We’ve had quite a few years to wait for the other rhinestoned pump to drop. Say it again: there are a ton of gays in the military and it hasn’t diverted a drone yet.

Now, if we abolish DADT, what are we likely to hear nex in the showerst? Crickets? Or gay privates suddenly jumping out of of cakes singing songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

All the gays who are currently not asking and not telling are already in the military. Either people suspect or these gays are so well-behaved that they don’t even shower-slip.

Do you really think that hetero army guys are sitting around going, Thank Christ for “don’t ask me, don’t tell me” because I don’t want to know whether or not I’m surrounded by queers? My morale is so much improved by not knowing who’s got my back or who wants my bohind. What if it’s both?

The notion that acknowledging that there are a lot of gays in the military will turn every barracks into the set of Glee is asinine.  Lifting the prohibition will embolden a few crazy queers to end their careers. I bet 98% of gays still don’t tell, even if Clinton and Obama don’t tell them not to anymore.

There is no credible argument that ending “Don’t ask, don’t tell” will in any way jeopardize our military effectiveness. If the Israelis have been able to put up with fighting faggots, I think we might be able to manage it too.

On the other hand, is this the hill we must all die on? Is it really that important for us to make the military homo-friendly? Of all the issues we face, does this one really matter most? Even to gays?

Sure, we’ve all heard about how every Arabic-fluent translator in the military  was gay and they were all drummed out. Forgive me if I think that’s an urban legend.

Last time I looked, most gay people had jobs and 401K’s and more important issues than dressing up like G.I. Joe and screaming “I’m here, I’m queer, bounce a quarter off of it!”

Gay people have come a million years in the last 30 years in America regardless of AIDS. Really, think about this: just like Americans didn’t go after Muslims after 9/11, we didn’t go after gays about AIDS.  The ingratitude from both those groups about both those facts shows something. I won’t say what right now.

Grossed-out conservative moms and dads have manned up and accepted their gay children. The rest of us have gone fag hag and we think gay is cool. I don’t know a woman anymore who isn’t a fag hag.

I’m tired of American gays who still are ACT-ing all oppressed. It was horrible what happened to Matthew Shepherd and it was exceptional even when it happened in 1998. Gays have won what they needed to win, regardless of whether they can put a rainbow decal on their footlocker in the barracks.

But Barack Obama doesn’t like gays. Barack’s here, you’re queer, good fucking luck.

Edelweiss, motherfucker, do you speak it?

October 27, 2010

Best thing on the web today:


A lot of people think The Sound of Music is a trite, shit-my-mom-watches kind of movie. I used to be one of them, having never seen it as an adult, having been force fed it as a child. Then a few years ago, I was force fed the damn thing at Thanksgiving and I was entranced. I’ve watched it several times since then. It is a subtle, exquisite, amazing work of art on multiple levels. Don’t let your maudlin relatives keep you from watching it with fresh eyes.

On to Edelweiss. If you don’t know why, in the link above, Mr. Fernandez recommends Edelweiss as the epitome of the protest song, go watch the movie again. If you watch again, with his hint, you’ll get it.

The Sound of Music will be released on Blu-Ray on Nov 2, along with the Kinect for XBox360, and many of the Democrat morons who volunteered to be Obama cannon fodder.  Next Tuesday is going to be way better than Christmas!

Robert Wise was working on The Sound of Music simultaneously with The Sand Pebbles. He ended up producing two of the best movies ever made all at once, and if you get both movies (The Sand Pebbles has been out on Blu-ray for a while, and is cheap to buy and beautifully remastered), and watch them close together on a weekend–they’re both epic long–you’ll appreciate each of them better.

UPDATE: The Blu-Ray Sound of Music looks great and sounds very good. They’ve made a mess of the BD Live part. Turn it off and clear your cache if you’re having problems playing the disc. Maybe you’ll have to update firmware. Realize of course that most times when you update firmware it has to do with copy protection and them obsoleting compromised keys, not them giving you new features.

Work, You Jerk!

October 23, 2010

Todd Henderson, a Chicago law professor with a medical doctor wife, posted a complaint about how Obama’s proposed tax increase on people making more than $250K a year would ruin his life.

I spent about 10 minutes just now looking for his original post and couldn’t find it. Evidently, he’s withdrawn from online because of the torrent of ridicule and abuse he’s gotten, and his wife is pretty pissed too.

From what I can gather, the Hendersons make about $400K a year gross. They pay $60K for private schools for their kids, $70K a year in house payments, and have big student loans. They both drive nice cars.  They probably pay about $200K in state and federal and other than sales taxes, all in.

Todd’s beef was that he’s basically having a hard time putting gas in his BMW and affording HBO. If taxes go up, well, then no more True Blood and he might have to learn to draft behind trucks.

Everyone’s focusing on the Hendersons’  income, on their choice to send their kids to an elite school, on him bitching about being broke from paying back student loans while living in a really nice house and driving a really nice car.

Let’s focus, just for a second, on the everyday lives of the Hendersons: Up before 6am to get the kids off to a demanding school–those kids won’t be a burden on society. She’s a doctor and working 12 to 14 hour days, six or seven days a week, I have no idea how hard law professors work but I hope it’s not like his wife–or who picks up the kids, monitors the homework, gets the dinner put together?

I don’t know how the Hendersons can handle this much stress year after year, but I see many people around me doing the same thing. They are also in Obama’s gunsights.

We romanticize the immigrants of decades ago who worked their fingers to the bone to give their kids a chance. We now abuse people who work just as hard to do the same thing, pe0ple like the Hendersons.

Forget how “fortunate” the Hendersons are with their nice cars and nice house: THEY WORK LIKE DOGS. They work smart, they give back huge value because they’ve made huge investments in their own skills. If you want to tax them more, you’re the devil.

You horrible, envious, lazy motherfuckers who think anyone making $400,000 a year is a fatcat–you’re overpaid and the Hendersons are underpaid. You work 8 hours and learn nothing to make yourself more productive in the other 16.You’ve never done a goddamn thing to improve yourself unless someone was paying you to do it. The Hendersons subsidize you and never resent you.

I wish the Hendersons would read Atlas Shrugged.

If you despised or laughed at Todd Henderson you are a horrible unworthy stupid  human being.

No exceptions. You are an asshole.