Raul Rodriguez is a horrible douchebag who should spend the rest of his life in prison

September 16, 2012

Rodriguez is in jail because he took a gun with him to break up a neighborhood karaoke party that was annoying him. He shot 3 people, killing one. He videotaped the whole thing, which backfired on his stupid ass. He kept saying “I’m in fear for my life” to the cops which he’d obviously beeen taught to say in some kind of gun training class.

I’m not against gun training classes. I’ve been taught to say the same thing Rodriguez said. In one gun training class, there was this flamboyantly gay guy who, like Rodriguez, wouldn’t settle down. Despite the instructor spending way too much time trying to tell gay David (we started calling him Gay-Vid after a few hours) to settle the fuck down, Gayvid just couldn’t grasp the idea that he wasn’t allowed to shoot people in the back for carrying off his 50-inch TV. Gayvid should have been bounced out of the class, but we just rolled our eyes, mostly because he was flaming gay and we couldn’t imagine him actually shooting anyone if it would make his souffle fall, but he still should have been kicked out of the class, and he wasn’t. My bad for not insisting he get his stupid gay streaked blonde asskicked  out.

If you have a gun, you are no longer allowed to break up loud parties in your neighborhood. You don’t get to macho out and fuck with annoying people. You have to be meek and mild until it gets to life and death.

I am all in favor of people getting gun-trained and getting concealed carry permits. Unless you’re a fucking idiot like Raul Rodriguez. Who deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail, and who I’d be happy to see get the death penalty.

Everybody who isn’t an idiot should get a gun and learn how to use it, and then should be way more polite than they used to be when they didn’t have a gun. Nobody who has a gun should provoke confrontations. You must avoid and defuse all confrontations. You have deadly force. How dare you use such force to make a point. You must do everything you can to avoid using force to settle a conflict.

So I hate Raul Rodriguez. He’s a vile punk. He’s a poster child now for why the rest of us shouldn’t be allowed concealed carry.

And, let’s face it, someone should have done something about Raul, and I should have done something about Gayvid.