Zombie Rules

March 29, 2011

This might be my last post browbeating President Toonces and Michelle Antoinette.

After that half-assed ridiculous speech tonight, I realize, it’s not just him–it’s everyone around him. He’s just the anchorman teleprompting the moral and intellectual bankruptcy and self-importance of the intellectual left. Really? this is the best his six-figures professional buttlickers can do? This is how they, not just their big-eared puppet, really see the world?

Fuck, liberals really are that stupid. That’s kind of scary. I’d rather argue with zombies. At least zombies aren’t expecting people with brains to fund their pensions.

Game on.


Denial is Opportunity

March 29, 2011

Most Americans, especially the political class, are in complete denial about the financial train coming to wreck us. This is a good thing, if you’re not in denial.

Denial is powerful. It’s a force field that will keep the system from collapsing for longer than you might rationally expect. It will make the collapse harder, and make the opportunities to profit off those in denial more brutal and an order of magnitude better.

People are going to get really hurt in the collapse of the United States economic system. I mean, a lot of people are going to die. The majority will not die but will lose almost everything they own. The rich people that most of those people hate, as part of the same system, will also lose everything, cold comfort.

Bet on the dollar being worthless, sooner rather than later. It’s really hard to trust arithmetic when making important life decisions. Seems so abstract. But 2 + 2 = this government is FUCKED.

All those douchebags who annexed the Wisconsin state capitol: They’ll be heading for your house sooner or later. Shoot one of them, the rest will run.

Throw the Jew Down the Well

March 27, 2011

After 7 years of hiatus, some Muslim fuck set off a bomb in Jerusalem a couple days ago. An American tourist was killed. A friend of mine was on her way to Israel today, and could have been that tourist had she left a day earlier.

Fox News reported on this event like this:

…no Palestinian militant groups have claimed responsibility for the attack, which may have been in response to yesterday’s killing of four Palistinians in Gaza, including an 11 year and 16 year old boy, from Israeli mortar fire. The Israeli military was going after Palestinian militants responsible for more than 70 rockets launched into Israel since Saturday.

Did you know that the Hezzies and the Hammies were attacking Israel with rockets all last weekend? Did you find out from Fox, ABC, NBC, CNN?

Where did the stupid Fox News reporter get its information about the reasons for “retaliation” if no Pali groups had claimed responsibility for the attack? That’s not a rhetorical question. Who told her that, and why did she report it like that?

Why did the stupid bimbo Fox News reporter lead with poor little children getting killed by Israeli adults and then add on, fair and balanced, that the reason was that the Palis were shelling the hell out of Israel the last several days? Oops, forgot to report that till now. My blonde bad!

Why no story on the destruction where the rockets fell?  Maybe because no Jews were killed by the hundreds of rockets lobbed in the last few days. Muslims are The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. Seriously, even Osama bin Laden was surprised that they pulled off 9/11. The reason I think Obama might really be a secret Muslim is because he’s so fucking incompetent.

Fox News is as pro-Israel as it gets in the rapidly dhimminishing American “professional” media (“professional” meaning media organizations where people still sit in makeup chairs, not that they have standards, ethics or real reporters). And Fox is abandoning Israel.

I don’t think the Israelis will go down without killing a hundred million Islamic morons. Bad move, President Toonces, and everyone else, leaving Israel to defend itself alone. You’re an idiot if you think that Israel’s Ghandi-esque forbearance indicates Israel won’t lay waste to the Muslim fuck-ocracies if they have to.

I’m really starting to hate President Toonces. That lazy, no-account fuck is going to get a lot of people killed before we get rid of him.

Game over, man! Game over!

March 22, 2011

It is a depressing fact that no major nation-state has ever pulled back from the brink of fiscal ruin and restored sanity during its bread-and-circuses phase. It has always ended, at minimum, in debt monetization or repudiation. It usually gets worse from there, if the nation in question is the world leader.

I still retain enough faith in American exceptionalism to believe that we’ll get through the next decade without being chased into the woods by the Visigoths. The rest of the world better hope so, because it’s Reavers, not Vandals, coming this time, and they’ll eat Americans last.

Only Americans in all the civilized world have the capability to repel the barbarian tribes. The rest of the West has become weak under the umbrella of the American military welfare state.

As long as our technological infrastructure survives, Americans will accelerate kill ratios in our favor by an order of magnitude or two whenever we feel like turning the dial.

If technology dies, as in Bye Bye Miss American Pie, Americans still have really big oceans as Reaver buffers. Europe will be dry toast and longing for the days when Hitler was their biggest problem.

A lot of people I know have been thinking about getting the hell out of America. Costa Rica seems nice. In several worst case scenarios, getting the hell out of the USA is the right thing to do. I’m not ready yet to believe in the end of Western civilization. But, hell, a few months ago, I wasn’t ready to believe in the end of the dollar and the fall of the US federal government. But these things are now virtual certainties. Please, don’t believe me about this. Every day of your denial is a silver dollar in my pocket.

I was in favor of George Bush’s wars for humanitarian reasons. I was wrong. Fuck humanity. Seriously, most people in the rest of the world, if they lived in this country, we’d jail them in short order or wouldn’t invite them a second time to a barbecue. Look to your left, look to your right–as pissed off as you might be at your neighbors, they are pretty awesome human beings, as human beings go. This is the underpinning of American exceptionalism. This is why the right worships the Founding Fathers and the Left doesn’t move to France no matter how disappointing the last election was. However it came to be, there’s an ideological DNA in America that is exceptional. We really are all that and a bag of chips too.

300 million Americans out of 5 billion humans produce a quarter of the world’s wealth, most of the world’s pop culture and scientific innovation, have more than half the guns, and ours work better than yours, and if you have good guns, we sold them to you. We are front and center, all eyes on us, to fix every disaster and fuckup that goes on in the other 90% of the human world. These facts are not about us being lucky but about us being better.

I don’t care if French food is better (it wasn’t till an American woman made it so). I don’t care if Swedish girls are hotter (really? been to California or Utah lately?). Doesn’t matter if Chinese kids play the piano better (fuck it, we invented auto-tune–we can fix our mistakes without everyone needing actual skill, and your little piano-plinking brats are sneaking out to watch that Friday girl on YouTube no matter how much you Tiger Mom them.) It’s not about being better, it’s about dominating and disseminating what everyone else is emulating. We’re even better at stupid rhymes, with our rap stars and Jesse Jackson. We may be corrupting, crass and creepy, but it’s our world and the rest of the world is just fucking lucky they’re living in it.

As for George Bush’s neo-con humanitarian wars–they were a noble try. I regret backing them, but I’m not ashamed of it. We tried to give Middle Eastern Muslim Morons a sprinkling of American magic dust. We didn’t want their fucking oil, we wanted them to be happy, to flourish. We shouldn’t call the Iraq War the Bush war, but the Oprah war. It was all about using the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to raise their self-efucking-steem and get terrorists to Stay In School.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. I still think you should bet on America. Not on the dollar, not on the federal government, but on America still being large and in charge when this is all over.

I’m done with conventional politics. The Republicans have proven that they’re part of the problem. We gave them 3 last chances and they’ve blown them all.

John Hinderaker, who blogs at Powerline.com, has the best metaphor/chart of anyone.

Imagine the proposed federal budget is a Big Mac meal. The Republicans are proposing cutting out 3 french fries. The Democrats are proposing cutting out 1/3 of one french fry.

Fucking fat fucks. This is going to end with American institutions as we know them exploded, revamped, disappearing.

Novus ordo seclorum, but not like Boehner and Pelosi and Buffett and Obama think it will be.







How to Help Libyans

March 17, 2011

You can’t.

We shouldn’t waste money on them. The Japanese deserve all our help. The Japanese won’t squander it.

The Libyan rebels are assholes. Our only justification for helping them is that Kaddaffy is a bigger, better asshole. In countries where King of the Asshole Hill is the only game worth playing, everyone who plays deserves to lose. That goes for Egypt, Barfrain, Yemen, Noclitistan, and anywhere else that Islam is taken seriously by more than 1% of the population.

Kaddaffy is only more successful, not less of an asshole than the rebels are. At least Kaddaffy embodies the Western virtues of ambition and liking hot blondes.

If everyone in Libya were bombed into oblivion, it would a humanitarian hiccup, and less a loss to humanity than any of the last several tsunamis. Not advocatin’ it, just sayin’ it. And you know I’m right.

At the last second, it looks like Hilary Clinton has gotten President Toonces attention, distracting him from basketball and bullying by waving a ball of resignation catnip in his stupid big-eared secret-smoker male model face, and the UN is going to now do something or other. Lotsa people died while Toonces filled out his NCAA picks.

Barack Obama is a tool with a diagnosable personality disorder. That’s about all we’ll learn from this.

PJ Crowley gets fired

March 13, 2011

Crowley took random fire. He’s the State Department spokesman.

I like him getting a bullet in his stupid head for no particular reason.

American government apparatchiks need to be worried about random fire.

Liberating Libya

March 13, 2011

There are a lot of good arguments for why a no-fly zone should be enforced over Libya. Too bad none of them convince the Euro-weenies.

Except for Sarkozy. How fucked up is it that the French own moral leadership, and Hilary Clinton is the most masculine figure speaking for America?

President Toonces doesn’t even have the balls to fire that jackass Clapper.

I was wrong supporting Bush’s war in Iraq. If we’ve learned anything from that, it’s that Iraqis suck as much as Belgians. And Belgians suck with huge force. The only good thing about Iraq is that it will be Iran’s tar baby from now on.

Afghanistan–like every other Muslim country, everyone who isn’t a complete retard has already left. This is why we can’t fix the Middle East. The only people left there are too lazy or stupid or part of the problem to get the fuck out.

So I’m in favor of a no-fly zone, but not in favor of spending a penny of our money to enforce it. Not our problem. The Arabs are in Europe’s backyard. Let them deal with those assholes.

The notion that we have to care about Muslims because of oil is bullshit. The only thing standing between them and Thunderdome is oil. If we stop helping them, they’ll figure out how to keep pumping oil. All American politicians, including the Bush family and the Clintons, who say otherwise, are bought and paid for and we should lynch them.

I hope the whole middle east turns into an incompetent caliphate. I don’t know what else will disentangle us from them.