Chief Justice John Roberts, Boy Genius

June 29, 2012

The more I think about this, the more impressed I am with the Strategery of John Roberts. The best part is all the idiots who think they won today but who lost–badly. How do I hate you all? Let me count the idiots:

  1. The greedy, lazy and stupid “working poor.” It’s fine to be a member of the working poor if you’re a young person just getting started. But if you’re a full-blown adult (now defined as someone 26 years of age or older), there is (should be) some shame in it. If you’re in your 30’s and still making close to minimum wage or half of the median income, not only aren’t you trying very hard, but you either don’t know what median means or you have twice the median student loan debt. In short, you are a lazy dumbass. You are about to get a tax hit night in the ruts. If Obamacare is implemented through the tax code, as the four liberals that John Roberts sucker-punched have agreed it must be, this tax will be incredibly regressive. Meaning, for you working poor, most of whose genes are incredibly recessive,  that you are going to get put in the pool that right now pays for the most expensive treatments for the sickest people.
  2. The greedy rich elderly. As it should be, the older you get, the richer you get. You have more skills, you add more value, you have more time to save and invest and you get smarter about the impending reality of the future. The stereotype of grandma eating dogfood is mostly false, except for grandmas who stayed “working poor” their whole lives. Those bitches should be glad they live in a country where dogfood is safe and nutritious and, so I hear, doesn’t taste half bad. Anyhow, most of the diseases and conditions that affect old people are hard to treat and effectiveness depends greatly on innovation. Look at what’s happened with heart surgery. One thing that will be DOA after Obamacare is rapid innovation. If you don’t understand why, go read Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics, or just trust me about this, because I’m obviously a lot smarter than you are. Bottom line: implementation of ObamaCare is a death sentence for millions of the elderly. It will cut years, soon decades, off life expectancy.
  3. The stupid boosters of socialized medicine. I will digress here to make my point: The most important reason that the Soviet Union and other socialist/central planning regimes survive as long as they do is the existence of market-driven economies. You’ll have to go beyond the Sowell book and read Mises or Hayek if what I’m saying here goes over your head. The free market price system communicates invaluable, detailed information about how to best use resources. Absurd over- and under-supplies result when free negotiation and pricing of economic goods is interfered with. (See, student loan debt bubble and 5 year famine, for examples.)  The Soviet planners didn’t have a lot of outright famines after a while, because they learned to cheat off free market planning to get price signals. After a while, they just had chronic shortages and misery. Just because you look over someone’s shoulder doesn’t mean you’re going to get an A on the test. Had there not been market information available to tutor the commissars, the Soviet Union would have imploded long before WW2. Similarly, socialized medicine benefits even more dramatically from the information, innovation and competition of free market medicine. Compare patent applications and grants in socialized medicine countries compared to pre-Obama America. There is no question that socialized medicine strongly negatively affects medical innovation. If you don’t think this matters then you’ll be willing to take this deal: Free healthcare for any treatment that is more than 50 years old. Free market prices for everything else. You accept this deal for movies and music, why not have “public domain” medical care? I would absolutely support the government paying just for public domain medical care. If you’re still not getting what I’m putting out, if Obamacare had been ratified in 1787, you’d be getting taxed for $200 leeches now. Canada and England and Sweden are in deep shit if we ever start acting like they do. They will no longer be able to second-hand our 10 year old innovations. If Obamacare is fully implemented, today will be about as good as it ever gets in healthcare. That matters more than it ever did before as we are on the edge of quantum leaps in treatment that need free market pricing and profit to keep them going.  Leeches, motherfucker! Do you speak it?
  4. The Democrat Party. They’ll probably lose the presidency in 2012 because of this. What these turds don’t realize is that with Obamacare only partly implemented, millions of Americans have seen the promises of lower costs and better coverage betrayed. Hell, my healthcare is sucking it hard. Of course, I’m one of those “Cadillac-plan” people so I deserve it. My wife’s health care plan has always sucked, but she works part time. Now it’s sucking with force. No matter how much that smug little bitch Obama talks, everyone notices that money is already being hoovered (obama’ed?) out of their wallets every paycheck.  Obama says it’s going to get better as time goes on.  Let’s say he’s right. Who’s going to believe him? That speech today was one of the weakest touchdown dances of all time. It will come back to haunt him.
  5. The Republican Party. They’ll probably squander this opportunity to roll back government and they’ll make a hash of it like GWB did. At a certain point, the system collapses and I don’t the see the Republicans doing much to stop it, just feeble attempts mostly for publicity to retard it, like the retards they all are. I do have to admit that I have this sneaking admiration for Mitt Romney as a guy who can navigate all this and keep it going for as long as possible. President Ahab.

I have a huge crush on John Roberts right now.

Think not just about what he did but how he gamed it out. He went Bobby Fischer without the crazy. He torpedoed Abomicare from a direction they did not expect and made them like it. He took advantage of liberal/progressive illiteracy about economics and real politics (where you have to get other people to agree with you voluntarily), and created a disaster for Congress. Those dbags now have to figure out how to implement this as a tax, not a “mandate.”  He set all the MSM idiots back on their heels with their attempts to discredit the Court. He fired a warning shot at the Feds that the commerce clause stretches only so far. He got the liberal dumbasses on the Court to think they’d won a victory when they just signed the ugly, mob-violence death of Abomicare.

And he did it all with simplicity and elegance. He cut through to the fundamental prevarication of Obamacare–that it wouldn’t cost anybody anything–and exposed it. He made everyone realize they have skin in this game, and if your costs go down, mine go up. And that the IRS is going to enforce this. He blocked the bastards on the commerce clause, for the first time in the last 100 years.

Roberts’ decision is one of the most beautiful solutions to a problem that I have ever seen. He trusts this to play out for the best. That’s what it really means to have the courage of your convictions, and he did.

A lot of people are already talking about how Roberts was bullied into this. Fuck you, every one of you. You have no idea of the difference between the mundane and the sublime.


What the Supreme Court Really Said about Obamacare

June 28, 2012

They said that if Congress is going to enforce and fund it, they can only do it as a tax.

Think about the practicalities of that.

It’s very likely Congress will try to integrate this with income tax and withholding and your health insurance provider will be required to file information with the IRS about your insurance status and changes in it. Oh, what an amazing and even more unpopular mess this is going to be.

Congress left a flaming bag of shit on the Supremes’ doorstep, and John Roberts just walked it back across the street, still on fire, rang the doorbell and ran.

A picture that better be worth 270 words

June 24, 2012

Sandusky’s wife should go to jail too

June 23, 2012

Seriously, why not?

She colluded or covered up. Unless you’re stupid, you know that’s true.

She will get away with it. I hope her evil head explodes.

I’m glad Trayvon Martin is dead

June 22, 2012

The morning news programs just released the police video of Zimmerman telling his story. The day after he shot Trayvon.

The best that the douchebags on ABC had to say was that Zimmerman’s story was “too perfect.”

No, it fit the facts and evidence.

It’s still tragic that Trayvon is dead.

He’s dead because his parents suck. Yeah, those whiny, weepy, self-righteous jerks planning to sue everyone to make hay while the sun shines. Trayvon’s parents are assholes.

Those racist, moronic, derelict parents who got their kid killed who turned a blind eye while their little monster was behaving monstr0usly.

Hey, Trayvon’s parents, your horrible stupid little brat got killed because you are horrible stupid parents. His death is on you.

You raised him to deserve to die. Nice job, assholes.


Let me be perfectly clear.

It’s in bad taste to diss the parents of a dead teenager. It’s in worse taste to exploit your teenager’s death for monetary and political consideration. I am sick and tired of people who play the “grieving parent” card like it’s a fucking winning lottery ticket.

Trayvon Martin deserved to be shot. Legally and morally. Hell, I deserved to be shot, legally and morally for stuff I did as a teenager. Nobody shot at me. And  I never pounded anyone’s head into a sidewalk. I have yet to suckerpunch anyone. It’s very likely Zimmerman wasn’t the first person Trayvon had attacked. But let’s say it was. Trayvon got more than he expected.  Trayvon was, at best, a thug-life wannabe. Probably he was a real thug and he won’t be pounding anybody else’s head into a sidewalk now. Thank you, George Zimmerman. You dealt with Trayvon so that others didn’t have to. Burglaries won’t take place. Beatings won’t happen. Thefts and drug deals evaporate.

Trayvon Martin didn’t have a chance. Yes, he did have a chance. Him being dead is totally on him. But his parents were shitty parents. He might not be dead had they not been so shitty. Suck on that guilt you parental morons, instead of trying to put it off on the rest of us with you trying to get paid for being horrible parents.

If there is a villain in all of this, it’s Trayvon’s parents. They are horrible, lying, stupid, derelict, irresponsible, neglectful, in denial people. Every ounce of sympathy wasted on them helps to ruin the world. They did nothing to keep their kid from getting killed. They refuse to deal with their culpability. They’re trying to make this about racism, and trying to suppress what a horrible human being Travyon was. They’re yap yap yapping after a payday.

If Zimmerman hadn’t killed him, Trayvon likely would have killed other people.

That’s why I’m glad Trayvon is dead.

Live Blogging the NBA Finals

June 20, 2012

Chris Bosh looks like Jar Jar Binks. I’m going to call him Jar Jar Bosh.


Why this month’s job numbers were AWESOME!

June 9, 2012

There were 70 thousand net government “jobs” lost this month.

Really, you don’t think that’s AWESOME!

Sometimes I wonder why I type.