There’s Got to be a Morning After . . .

October 25, 2016

Nobody who supported the Communist revolution in 1917 expected the Gulags and mass starvation. Few who supported Hitler expected what happened next. Few in America are worried that a Hillary presidency is prelude to similar horrors.

I’m not worried about that either, because Americans are different from Russians and Germans. But I do know that we are at that certain point. People on the left (I’m looking at you, Rachel Maddow) paint Donald Trump as a nascent Hitler. Me, I think Hillary is kinda Hitlery. A lot of people see her as a completely venal tool of the coastal/Federal establishment. No, Barack Obama was a complete tool of the establishment. Hillary will ride the Establishment like a rented mule.

Not only does Hillary make an Ayn Rand villain look like Mother Theresa, she is an ideologue, not just a kleptocrat. Just because she doesn’t really believe anything she says in public (except coincidentally) doesn’t mean she doesn’t have private beliefs. And, thanks to Wikileaks, we no longer have to suspect what many of those beliefs are.

It wasn’t till recently, thank you, Hillary, that I came down firmly against “globalism.” There are a lot of definitions of globalism, many of them wrapped in libertarian/capitalist fig leaves — globalism as the inevitable consequence of the march of the free market into previously benighted dictatorships like China.

Clinton defined the term in one of her private pay-to-play events (“speeches” she calls them–c’mon, at best they are screeches). Her actual vision of the next step in globalism for the Americas is:

My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.

This formulation scared the hell out of me.  I actually had an adrenaline rush and felt a little nauseous. Because I believe her about this. She means to end the United States.

I don’t want to beat a dead rented mule, but she obviously means she wants to let people from Venezuela, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and all the other Latin American corruptocracies flood into the United States.

Now, she’s trying to walk this back with absurdly transparent lies about how she only meant to extend the electrical power grid from Alaska to Argentina. Somebody close to her should say to her, “You only think you’re good at lying because nobody in your inner circle dares tell you that you are a lousy liar.”  She’s like the Michael Jackson of politics.

Here are a few dictionary definitions of globalism:

Merriam-Webster:  a national policy of treating the whole world as a proper sphere for political influence.

Wordnik:  A national geopolitical policy in which the entire world is regarded as the appropriate sphere for a state’s influence. the attitude or policy of placing the interests of the entire world above those of individual nations. The development of social, cultural, technological, or economic networks that transcend national boundaries.

Globalism, by any of these definitions, is at least in tension with nationalism.  I’m not going to post dictionary definitions of nationalism.

A while ago, I started the first of a series of posts about important things I’ve changed my mind about since I was a callow youth.

Politically, this may be the most important of those things. And, I want to brace you, it’s going to sound like I’m going Alt+Right. And, to tell the truth, I have been influenced in this change by the Alt+Right. At least influenced in how important I think this issue is. Adam Carolla and Victor Davis Hanson are both far more important influences before I ever heard of the Alt+Right.

You can’t have a nation and have open borders.  The world is lumpy, not flat, as that glib asshat Thomas Friedman proclaims. Culture is really important. Shared culture is really, really important. It’s more important than economic incentives. Were it not, Africa wouldn’t still be an economic hell-hole.

(This realization started to dawn on me after some international travel, long before anyone smart tried to convince me. I was amazed how obviously better practices in other countries had never even dawned on anyone in the US, and how obviously better practices in the US had never dawned on other nations. And how people mostly didn’t seek out better prices and products, except for addictive substances like tobacco, heroin, and American pop music.)

The illegal immigration of millions of Mexicans to California has decimated the middle class who produce actual things that you can eat or wear or live in, and engorged the coastal billionaire class and their millionaire minions. They all get rich off of bigger and bigger “network effects” from advertising globalist-ically to more Internet eyeballs, data mining your browsing history and email, and offshoring middle class jobs to despotic countries where, if slave labor isn’t formally legal, it’s de facto what’s happening. All under the tunic of “free trade.”  (Yes, that’s a blowjob joke. How can you write an extended piece about Hillary without including a blowjob joke?)

These digital/financial/information economy oligarchs in America are now starting to exercise China-worthy censorship of their opponents. Go see what YouTube has done to Dennis Prager. Or what Twitter has done to multiple American conservative or dissenting voices. I’ll point you to Scott Adams in particular, because he’s fighting back most effectively. Use DuckDuckGo or Bing as your search engine. Google has its thumb firmly on the scales.

The Democrat Party is in favor of “comprehensive immigration reform” because that is a dog whistle for “if you don’t like the electorate you have, import a new one.”  Most illegal immigrants are more than willing to sign up on the Democrat plantation because they come from shitty, statist countries and don’t know any better and aren’t educable, not this generation. And, if the Democrats get their claws into them, the next generation will be lost too.

This has been a 50/50 country–you never know who’s going to win Federal elections–but this will be the last time if Hillary is made President. She will tip it by legalizing at least 8 million new Democrat voters. She won’t be as stupid as Obama to boast about having “a phone and a pen” and a “fuck you!” She will exercise all the power ceded to her via the administrative bureaucracy by the feckless Congress. There won’t be a violation of your rights asked for by someone on her donor list that will be refused. And more. She has her own ideology too, and that ideology is completely compatible with corruptly cooperating with all her friends.

Hillary doesn’t hate Jews. She hates “deplorables.” Like me, like you.

If you’re not deplorable by now, you are a little bitch. I’m looking at you, Paul Ryan.

There won’t be trains taking deplorables to prison camps. Democrats can’t build train tracks in less than 20 years and with huge cost overruns and delays.  We shouldn’t be afraid of these Masterbators of The Universe on that level.

We should be afraid on the Ayn Rand level. Social unrest, incompetence, random disasters, we become a low-trust society, at worst, foreign incursions, probably not invasions beyond those we are already inured to.

I know, I know, Ayn Rand — couldn’t I have just finished this without invoking Ayn Rand? Sure, I could have, but that would have been a pussy move. I’d have had to look in the mirror and see Paul Ryan. Hmm….that wouldn’t be the worst thing ever . . . My wife would probably like that . . .

So here’s my pitch for Ayn Rand….

Her novel Atlas Shrugged has many literary flaws, and many literary virtues. She could write beautifully. Politically, she’s worth reading. You will understand some things that have always baffled you after reading Rand, whether you are right or left. Only a stupid, arrogant establishment idiot can remain unmoved and completly unchanged by the intellectual firestorm that is Ayn Rand.  For many people, including myself, who no longer consider Atlas Shrugged to be the new Bible, Atlas Shrugged was an intellectual IED.

If you’re new to Rand, or if you’re not, you’ll probably appreciate this appreciation of the flaws in Atlas Shrugged, and I bet you haven’t heard this before if you’re a Rand fan:

The book’s “sense of life” (Rand’s term for how you fundamentally feel about life) is strident and barren. Not one of the main characters even thinks about having children with the loves of their lives. Literally, barren. Rand had no children, and as far as I know, and I’ve read damn near everything she’s written, she never really thought about it. This, in my mind, is the worst flaw of the book and explains the tragedy of her actual life. Rand said she distilled the book to only the most important fundamentals, but she didn’t think the next generation was that important or that it was important for her to contribute to it beyond having good ideas. The absence of the joy of children is why Objectivism (her name for her school of philosophy) feels so sterile and joyless and grim.

Atlas Shrugged is kind of film noir thrilling, and has lots of dirty sex scenes, but Rand obviously only liked scintillating adults. Big fundamental flaw. Reminds me of the shallow bitchy yuppies I see in Seattle restaurants who are pissed off, not charmed, by other people’s children who are behaving well, but like children.

The book is too long too. But it isn’t slow, until you get to the 100 page philosophical speech near the end. This speech that bores the hell out of most people tends to change the lives of under 25’s. It did me. I quit the Mormon church the day after.

Now, if you haven’t read Atlas Shrugged, why you should:

Rand mercilessly dissects and lays bare the dead-eyes evil of the Left and her fear of its ascendancy in America and how it will play out in this very different country than Russia. She’s presciently brilliant. If you read Atlas Shrugged, you will do everything you can to stop Hillary. Rand’s villains aren’t grand figures. They are small people who intend to rule and have a bent for it.

Ayn Rand escaped from Communist Russia as a young adult. By escaped, I mean, more adventure than most people have ever had.

The coldness of the Russian Communist winter was indelibly imprinted on her. She was hardened and brutalized and she survived, to write her first big novel “We The Living” in America in the 1930’s. If you don’t like Rand the polemicist, you will still appreciate this semi-autobiographical novel where she eloquently describes what it was like to live under early 20th Century Soviet communism, not as a family sent to the Gulag, but as a normal bourgeoisie family not trying to make trouble, but under the increasing thumbscrews of Soviet communism.

Today, everyone would say, Rand suffered from PTSD. And would have sympathy for her, except the corrupt and un-empathetic SJWs and Democrats who continue to refuse her decent asylum.

I am fully aware of Ayn Rand’s character and other flaws. And I fully despise every hate-filled SJW and Democrat who demonizes her. Have you no decency? Seriously, Rand said some nutty shit, but what she said that was right was amazing. Read The Romantic Manifesto, her essays on Art. Absolutely beautiful. If you like The Walking Dead, read this to help you understand why.

So, that’s why I end this with Ayn Rand. She’s a hero, a flawed hero, better than every last one of you Leftist critics who demonize her and try to prevent young people from reading her.

Back to Hitlery Clinton . . .

She’s going to break this country apart. Overreach. Are you Democrats paying attention to how much the states are going Republican while the Federal government goes Democrat?

No, she’s not Hitler, except alliteratively. But if she wins, this is the last time America doesn’t separate into literally armed camps.  She’s Hitler in the sense that she’s the final break with tradition. Everything is up for grabs if you elect Hillary.

How ironic is that, that a vote for Trump is a vote for stability?