Who smelt it dealt it

August 27, 2013

John “Toy Soldier Story” Kerry is in high dudgeon against the Syrian government, sure that they’re the ones who did the horrible chemical weapons attack a few days ago.

Perhaps, most likely, they did.

But I’m not going to trust this government. Meaning, I trust the Syrian government more when denying they did this than I trust the US government claiming the Syrian government did this.

A few reasons why:

  • al-Qaeda is ridiculously numerological. They love doing shit on anniversaries (like Benghazi) or on dates that have some pattern (like 7-7 in England or 3-11 in Spain). This attack happened on the anniversary of Obama’s “red line.” I guess that meant the anniversary of when Obama got his period.
  • Why would Assad do this while UN inspectors are on the ground, and on such a symbolic day? What’s in it for him? Seriously, Cui bono? Or, to say it in English, in what possible way did Assad gain advantage from this? You have to believe that Assad was sending a FUCK YOU! card to the whole world to think he did this. Maybe he was having an “I’m on top of the world, Ma!” moment. Really, that’s plausible?
  • I have no doubt that the monsters who infest Muslim terrorist organizations would have any compunction about killing a thousand plus Muslims “on their side” as a publicity stunt.

I’m not going truther.  I’m going liar. And fucktard.

The US government lies, denies, gets it wrong, gets blindsided on intelligence matters and basically hasn’t a fucking clue over and over and over again. For clue, they substitute that long-chinned gigolo John Kerry raining down moral thunder and half-assed “proof” that wouldn’t convince a CSI watcher.

I am not convinced by John Kerry dressing down the world like he’d bitch at his butler.

If you are, you’re stupid. Seriously, just plain fucking stop reading this blog stupid.

(There will be some people reading this who will say, “Well, Kerry and Obama know stuff we don’t know.” Are you fucking serious? Here’s what they know: Stuff that just ain’t so. It doesn’t matter that they know facts you don’t know. They caused most of those facts and don’t have a fucking clue how the current facts are a result of their fuckups. Quit thinking they’re smarter than you are. Or that their spidey sense is better. The people who run the world most of the time are more ambitious, more driven, sometimes less ethical than you (their power amplifies their lack of ethics, so take no comfort in the fact that most people with big power have ethics–ethics are a handicap in their games, and the least-ethically-challenged do usually eventually win the race), and most important, they live in bubbles made of sycophants and airy-fairy-ideologies that you don’t even know exist. They’re insulated by massive cooling structures that keep them from figuring out they’re full of percolating shit and about to explode. That’s why things explode. )

If you think the US Government has made the case so far that Assad did the chemical attack, you probably believe we’re still at war against EastAsia.




I don’t want to turn this blog into “Black people sucked again today…”

August 24, 2013

…but, hey, black people, could you give me a little help here?

As it turns out, and this is indisputable, the two and a half black guys who murdered the white Australian baseball player did it as a hate crime. Their twitter and facebook posts are incontrovertible. One of these little shits even bragged about beating down five whites post-Zimmerman verdict.

If this isn’t charged as a hate crime, well, I’m just going to riot. I’ll throw Grey Poupon at the police, I will!





Miranda Shmiranda

August 24, 2013

I’m watching oral arguments right now in the Washington State Supreme Court over some dumb guilty bastard who did not eloquently or clearly invoke his 5th amendment rights.

Why am I watching this at 2 in the morning? Because I’m working and I wanted some background noise.

Anyhow, I’m going to side with the liberals here. Miranda warnings and all that are a fig leaf. Most criminals, and most people accused of crimes, are stupid, easily manipulated and incapable of dealing intelligently with the police. Most of these people are annoying and obnoxious. And guilty as hell. But some of them aren’t.

I’m watching lawyers micro-parsing the language of an obviously stupid guy to persuade adults in black dresses to decide whether this idiot met his 5th Amendment burden. Like this idiot could possibly understand what these articulate idiots are arguing about. He just said some shit and vaguely tried to say, leave me alone, as best he could. Now I’m watching these legalistic jackasses poring over his every word. He was drunk and had a bottle broken over his head just before he was arrested. And his IQ is probably 80, plus/minus 5. Now they’re saying “he opened himself up to impeachment.” Evidently, there was a fight about fireworks and somebody’s girlfriend and somebody had a shotgun and somebody grabbed it and somebody got shot. In my opinion. let’s give out Darwin Awards and be done with it.

OK, seriously, there are a ton of people who aren’t smart enough, educated enough or possessive enough of the intestinal fortitude to assert their rights against the government. Most of these people are dumb criminals. But not 99% are dumb criminals. It’s probably, pareto willing, about 80% who are guilt of what they are currently being accused of.

That’s a huge problem, especially as we come ever closer to a police surveillance state. Get ready to fight the police, and give thanks that you’re smart enough to do it.

It’s going to crash

August 23, 2013

Maybe I’m just having a bad day. Maybe Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments strategy will work.

You know why I don’t think so?

Because I live in Seattle.

If there’s anyplace where people should get it and start to reset it, it should be here.

I see nothing but continuing decline.

Seattle used to be one of the safest big cities in the USA.

Not so much anymore.

Mayor McGinn is trying to appease business interests by suddenly “finding”  half a million dollars for more cops to keep ruffians from committing random street crimes outside See’s Candies in Westlake.

Won’t work. Mayor Dumbass should put a bounty on anyone committing a crime in Westlake, but that wouldn’t be PC. It would sure as hell stop all that crime in about 5 minutes, and nobody would have to collect a bounty.

Incentives, motherfucker, do you speak it?



I’ve got a crush on Ashton Kutcher

August 16, 2013

The teen whatever whatever awards, he delivered a speech worthy of Ted Cruz.

Best line: I’ve never had a job that I was better than.

Next best: I’ve never quit a job without having another one.

Next: Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.

Then he said some stuff about stepping stones and smart is sexy and other good graduation speech things.

Seriously, I would kiss him on the mouth if I thought he’d like that.

So I heard about this Ashton thing on Rush Limbaugh or something, and when I went to look for it on YouTube to show my wife, I had a little trouble finding the video. Not a lot of trouble, but a little trouble. It should have come up immediately in my search.

But I had to dig a little and get past chaff about Ashton tells people his real name and Ashton talks about being generous and kind and Ashton says he’s old and then when I got to YouTube, it took another couple of minutes to find unedited video. When I look for something on the Interwebz to show my wife, 5 minutes is an eternity.

Now, I’m not saying there’s a conscious conspiracy, but I do find it a little weird that the raw video of what he said took me 5 minutes to find. Trust me, I find stuff in 5 seconds that takes most people 5 minutes.

Looking just now, just before posting this, it’s better–there are now print stories with more quotes, but I still had to expend calories to find the video, which you’d think would be viral by now.


The rest of this is mostly random ranting triggered by the above. spidey-sense stuff.

If you aren’t on Team Edward (Snowden), you’re ignorant of technology. I’m not saying you’re evil, just you haven’t a fucking clue about what he did, so shut the fuck up. Snowden is a hero, and if you don’t think so, you’re not qualified to talk about it, or you’re on Team Evil. Seriously, get some tech help before you say anything again about this.

At first, you couldn’t tell for sure if Snowden was a douchebag or hero. That time has passed, Either you get that Snowden is a hero or you are on Team Fuckwad or you don’t understand the issues and so you are on Team Fuckwad by default.

Here’s a personal story….

A couple of years I was hit with a Congressional subpoena because I dared to metaphorically “threaten” three asshole Republicans. Lucky for me, my threats were not only metaphorical but electoral and obviously rhetorical. I said stuff like “we should put down Thad Cochran at the next election like Old Yeller.” Didn’t matter to the stupid data-sweeping government programs that automatically filed subpoenas against people like me.

It was obvious to anyone but a chimp or Congress that I was talking about electoral politics.  I wasn’t talking about actually killing Thad Cochran.

But now that I think about it, somebody should actually kill Thad Cochran. I’m making an official offer: if you will kill Thad Cochran, and send his head back to me in a box that doesn’t leak, I will send you a $2 bill, which is a collectors item. We must arrange a contract in advance, since I don’t have any $2 bills, and I will have to obtain a $2 bill.

Long story short…

The ACLU took my case to keep the Official Office of Congressional Nazis from forcing Google to reveal My Secret Identity. It wasn’t even a close call legally. The CongressNazis folded immediately legally. I’m sure they know who I am and they now are tracking you because you read this. This wasn’t about hiding from them, it was about fucking with them. Go ahead, put me on your list. I aim to misbehave.

God Bless Google too for telling me about the Federal gubmint coming after me and giving me a chance to fight and enlist the ACLU.

If you don’t think the US gubmint isn’t trying to intimidate speech, I’d like to come to your house and duct tape your mouth. Just as performance art. I could probably get authority to do that as a census worker.

Let’s get really clear here. Pretty much as much as the Chinese Gubmint leans on Internet providers, so does the US Gubmint. The different is our Gubmint is spying while the Chinese Gubmint is censoring.  Other than that, there’s not much difference. They both think they can do whatever the fuck they want, and, far from being accomplices, google and yahoo and microsoft are unwilling storekeepers forced to pay protection to government protection rackets by gag orders from government mafiosos. Maybe we need a new term: Obamamafioso.

The Federal government in the USA is lawless and ridiculous.

God bless Edward Snowden.

And, if you have been fucking your secretary in motels with your phone turned on, how long do you think it will be before your wife can subpoena those records? Long enough, I hope, that you have a new girlfriend who works for the NSA.

If you’re blaming google, facebook, microsoft, yahoo, for your privacy being raped,  you’re blaming the bullied, not the bully. The federal government is out of fucking control.


Seriously, black people, knock it off

August 1, 2013

I’m watching the local news tonight because I’m testing all the technical fixes I made several days ago to make my DVR more reliable with over-the-air channels, and I sees this story as the lede on KIRO 7, the Seattle CBS affiliate  (I’ll summarize):

Merchants in the Westlake Park shopping area are about up to here with all the crime starting to happen lately. It’s screwing with their profits.

If you don’t live in Seattle, the Westlake shopping area is a few blocks away from Pike’s Market, that market being the most famous Seattle landmark except for the Space Needle. Westlake Park is kind of upscale–Nordstrom’s upscale, not Rodeo Drive. The monorail between Seattle Center and downtown lets off in the Westlake mall. There’s a really nice public square and lots of nice stores around the mall. Even the street musicians are pretty good. Yuppie bohemian — what Seattle wants to look like to everyone else.

I’ve lived in Seattle a long time. Westlake mall is just another mall as far as I can tell. But it’s all clean, bright and inviting. Chicks dig it. If there’s anyplace in America to feel safe, it’s this block.

Evidently, not so much safety lately.

To set context, Seattle is a notoriously low-crime city. It’s safer to walk around after midnight in Seattle than in Nashville. But crime has been upticking steadily the last several years. Enough to make me and the missus start getting trained with guns, and getting our CPLs and carrying pepper spray and knives. And other stuff.

Back to KIRO news: as lazy local news organizations do these days, their story was mostly told by cell phone video caught by bystanders. They had 2 videos:

* a black man with a baseball bat smashing out all the windows of all the parked cars in this nice district

* 3 black girls just beating the living shit out of some white girl in the middle of the nice public square with the See’s candy store in the background

I’m not going to make arguments here. But we who live in this area all know it, even the blocky Capitol Hill lesbians and the skinny gay tech nerds who infest Alki Point: Black people are gold medaling in the Seattle Crime Olympics.

I inspect my wife like Colonel von Trapp inspected his children in The Sound of Music before my wife goes into downtown Seattle at night (her job requires it frequently). Pepper spray on keychain? check! and so on. We’ve had several talks, with her rolling her eyes, about how to deploy her knife if surprised and physically attacked to most quickly reduce the blood pressure of her attacker. I’m not saying I’m Rambo. I’m saying I’m really pissed off that I have to even learn about these things. I much prefer typing to training.

Here’s another thing I tell my wife. A lot of people (most of them white) will say what I’m about to say is racist. They’ll say it’s profiling, which is correct. Here’s my advice for cute white girls, and most everyone else:

Have nothing to do with young black people you don’t know. Including groups of black girls.

Always assume that all young black men are predators until proven otherwise. And that all one-sex-only groups of young black people are ticking timebomb violence.

If a young black man asks you for directions or anything else, walk past him and ignore him. Every time. Be rude. The difference between being a victim and not is usually being rude enough to make them seek weaker prey.  If a young black man continues to reduce distance between you after you ignore him, pepper spray him. Do not hesitate. Predators win because prey hesitate.

If a group of black girls eyeballs you, much less verbally confronts you, just pepper spray and run away.

BTW, everybody, pepper spraying someone at random is, in most states, a misdemeanor. Regardless, check out the law in your area. If you feel threatened, pepper spray is minimal self-defense. You won’t kill anyone with it. Do it when in doubt.

Young black men, by the most generous estimates, commit violent crimes at an order of magnitude more than anyone else.  This kind of statistic doesn’t happen anywhere else in social studies. This isn’t “more likely to get heart disease” about cheese.  Young black men are a Menace II Society.

Young black men are 10 to 20 times more likely to be violent and criminal than anyone else in America. Unless you’re stupid and willing to sacrifice people you love on the PC altar, you should have nothing to do with young black people you don’t know. You should always take a defensive posture if you suddenly encounter them.

Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. Do not let young black man herd you or get close to you. Be afraid, be very afraid of young black men.