Camp Creepy

Here’s something that I haven’t heard anyone else talk about with the Occupy smelly hippies.

I’m sure someone else has talked about this, I just haven’t heard it.

Over and over again, they have these weird call and response chants with the response chant being the same as the call. Some Occupy leader gets to a place where it can get media attention and then starts with this kind of shit:

Leader: What do we want?

Crowd: What do we want?

In other protests, it would go like this:

Leader: What do we want?

Crowd: Justice! Candy! Money!

Leader: When do we want it?

Crowd: Now! Before rent’s due! Halloween!

The Occup-ards just repeat the thing their leader de jure says to them. There’s no interplay or script there’s just a slavish obedient echo. Literal echos. It’s. fucking. Creepy. You say exactly what the guy with the bullhorn said.

Reminds me of The Life of Brian, when Brian was trying to get the crowd to leave him alone. No matter what he said, they repeated it, not quite as slavishly as the Occupards, but still pretty bad.

Brian: Fuck Off!

Crowd: How shall we fuck off, O Lord?

Brian: You’re all individuals! You don’t have to follow anybody!

Crowd: Yes, we’re all individuals!

(lone voice in the crowd: “I’m not.”)

I have zero sympathy for anyone who has had any sympathy for the Occupy movement. If you gave aid and comfort, on any level, to those fucktards, you are a moron, a simp, a mark, a bitch, a punk and the reason Western civilization is in peril. Your bullshit detector has been disabled. Put new batteries in, you fuckwad.







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